Legislative system in Turkey

In Turkey, Legislative power is granted to the Grand National Assembly, a one-chamber parliament composed of 550 deputies, who are elected every four years. The Grand National Assembly writes legislation, supervises the Council of Ministers, and adopts the budget. The president can be voted out of office by a vote of threequarters of Grand National Assembly members. The Grand National Assembly approves international agreements and decides on declaring war, martial law, and emergency rule. National parliamentary elections are based on proportional representation subject to a national threshold of 10% of the vote. Members are elected by lists drawn up for each party by the relative parties’ leaders. The members elected have immunity from prosecution. Grand National Assembly legislation is developed by specialized commissions. The laws passed by the Grand National Assembly are announced by the president within 15 days. The president may veto and refer a law back to the assembly for reconsideration.

The legislation of Turkey is predominantly written legislation in the form of;

– Constitution

– International Agreements

– Laws

– Decrees having force of laws

– Regulation

– By-Law

– Administrative regulation, Decrees



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