How to become a Turkish Citizen

There are two ways of becoming a Turkish Citizen. One of them is being Turkish by birth. Turkish citizenship is automatically granted on the basis of descent. If one’s parent(s) are Turkish citizen, then Turkish citizenship is automatically granted. Herein, the second way will be explained.
Anyone can become a Turkish Citizen with the conclusion of the competent authority according to observe the necessary conditions. Even so, the competent authority have a right to render a decisions otherwise.

Hereinafter, necessary general conditions to apply citizenship are considered.
– To be legally of age andjudicial mind according to his/her own national legislation or Turkish legislation if he/she is stateless,
– To domiciliate in Turkey for 5 years continuosly starting from apply date,
– To expose his/her intention to decision of domiciliation,
– Not to have a dangerous illness in terms of public health,
– To have a good moral character,
– To speak Turkish sufficiently,
– To have an occupation and earning which is enough to maintain himself/herself and the other person who is dependent to him/her in Turkey,
– Not to have a situation that present an obstacle in terms of public safety and public peace.
There are particular circumstances about the conditions above. It is possible to become a citizen with marriage, adoption, incidental upon condition of residing and to use his/her right to vote.

If the applicant meet these conditions, then the applicant can apply to the City Population and Citizenship Directorate. To apply for Turkish citizenship, the applicant need to bring some documents to a local government office. Also, the applicant will need proof of his/her Turkish language ability. The applicant’s sufficient level of Turkish language degree is evaluated by the commission. This commission does not want any document about a language degree. If the commission appropriates the applicant’s application, the commission will send the file to the Ministry of the Interior. The decision of citizenship acquisition is given by the ministry. If the decision of the ministry will be affirmative, the applicant can maintain his/her original nationality since Turkey allows dual citizenship.

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