Company Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions

In company mergers and acquisitions which increases gradually in the market of Turkey, it is very important to determine that the offers, which are given or taken by the seller or purchaser who want to sell their company or want to buy a company, are suitable or not. Some of the methods which are used

Recognition And Enforcement Of Divorce Decrees In Turkey

The divorce cases including  foreign elements are very important due to concerning  international jurisdiction, conflict of laws and the recognition and enforcement of court decisions. The Turkish Courts’ competence as an international jurisdiction arising from articles 40 and 41 of International Private and Procedure Law (IPPL). Articles concerned with Article 168 of Turkish Civil Code.

Labour Act Of Turkey – Law No. 4857

CHAPTER 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS PURPOSE AND SCOPE ARTICLE 1. – The purpose of this Act is to regulate the working conditions and work-related rights and obligations of employers and employees working under an employment contract. With the exception of those cited in Article 4, this Act shall apply to all the establishments and to their

Purchasing Property in Turkey

Purchasing property in Turkey has become more popular with holiday home owners and investors around the world. Several factors have contributed to the popularity. The issue is especially notable given Turkey’s potential EU membership and the related economic integration processes. In accordance with the Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644, amended by

Non-Discrimination In Turkish Labour Law

At the present day, justice and equality are the  very important inextricable notions. The importance of principle of equity and non-discrimination  in modern labour law is based on these two notions. Because of these notions has became the essential principle in labour law, the employer has to take the principle of equity as a base.