As our firm is becoming larger in scale and the number of our clients is increasing, we are requested with increasing frequency to advise on large, complex matters involving a broad spectrum of legal issues. From time to time, a client’s request for advice on a particular matter might pose a conflict or potential conflict with the interests of a different client.

Basan strictly complies with its legal and ethical obligations regarding conflicts of interest. As a procedure to ensure the protection of the client’s interest and fairness of our duties, before officially taking any case, we conduct an internal investigation to confirm whether there is any actual or potential conflict of interest. By so doing, we maintain professional fairness in providing legal services and discharging our duties to all of our clients.

Further, to promptly identify, address and resolve any conflict issues, Basan has established a system of internal procedures and information security measures, which includes the following features:

  • Prior to accepting a request from a client for legal services, we perform a thorough and strictly internal and confidential check to determine whether any conflict or potential conflict might exist with our firm’s representation of another client.
  • We conduct periodic compliance training for our legal staff to educate them on the importance of handling client conflict issues carefully, and preserving client confidentiality.
  • We periodically review, update and improve our conflict procedures and measures.

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