How to become a Turkish Citizen

There are two ways of becoming a Turkish Citizen. One of them is being Turkish by birth. Turkish citizenship is automatically granted on the basis of descent. If one’s parent(s) are Turkish citizen, then Turkish citizenship is automatically granted. Herein, the second way will be explained. Anyone can become a Turkish Citizen with the conclusion

Methods Of Debt Recovery in Turkey

According to Turkish Law, there are two main ways for dept recovery. First one is “Litigation Procedure” which will be examined by the Court and second one is “Debt Enforcement Proceeding” which will be provided by Administrative Body. Advantage of filing an action of debt rather than debt enforcement procedure is to have an opportunity

Establishment of Liaison Offices in Turkey

Many foreign companies have discovered the Republic of Turkey as a rewarding place for investments because of Turkey’s rapidly expanding economy, political and economic stability and the possibility of European Union membership. As foreign investors may not be familiar with the Turkish market, they may prefer not to enter the market by immediately establishing a

Regulations About Stock Companies In Turkish Code Of Commerce

The trading corporations may be amassed of the subtitle of private  companies and stock companies according to current Turkish Code of Commerce numbered 6102, article 124. Herein, the stock companies will be described and reviewed in the light of latest progress. Stock companies are the kind of companies that consist of joint stock, commandite and

Legislative system in Turkey

In Turkey, Legislative power is granted to the Grand National Assembly, a one-chamber parliament composed of 550 deputies, who are elected every four years. The Grand National Assembly writes legislation, supervises the Council of Ministers, and adopts the budget. The president can be voted out of office by a vote of threequarters of Grand National Assembly members. The

Taxation Treaties in Turkey

Turkish companies with foreign shareholders willing to avoid the double taxation  may use the provisions of the Taxation Treaties signed between foreign parent country and Turkey. As of the date hereof, Turkey has income Taxation Treaties in force with the following countries:  Albania  Algeria  Austria  Azerbaijan  Bahrain  Bangladesh  Belarus  Belgium  Bosnia