Purchasing Property in Turkey

Purchasing property in Turkey has become more popular with holiday home owners and investors around the world. Several factors have contributed to the popularity. The issue is especially notable given Turkey’s potential EU membership and the related economic integration processes. In accordance with the Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644, amended by

Non-Discrimination In Turkish Labour Law

At the present day, justice and equality are the  very important inextricable notions. The importance of principle of equity and non-discrimination  in modern labour law is based on these two notions. Because of these notions has became the essential principle in labour law, the employer has to take the principle of equity as a base.

How to become a Turkish Citizen

There are two ways of becoming a Turkish Citizen. One of them is being Turkish by birth. Turkish citizenship is automatically granted on the basis of descent. If one’s parent(s) are Turkish citizen, then Turkish citizenship is automatically granted. Herein, the second way will be explained. Anyone can become a Turkish Citizen with the conclusion

Methods Of Debt Recovery in Turkey

According to Turkish Law, there are two main ways for dept recovery. First one is “Litigation Procedure” which will be examined by the Court and second one is “Debt Enforcement Proceeding” which will be provided by Administrative Body. Advantage of filing an action of debt rather than debt enforcement procedure is to have an opportunity

Establishment of Liaison Offices in Turkey

Many foreign companies have discovered the Republic of Turkey as a rewarding place for investments because of Turkey’s rapidly expanding economy, political and economic stability and the possibility of European Union membership. As foreign investors may not be familiar with the Turkish market, they may prefer not to enter the market by immediately establishing a